How do I get more storage?

Currently there are 2 ways to increase your storage space:

Upgrading to premium

By upgrading to any of the premium packages you get additional storage space, HD streaming and can even download more than one link in parallel.

There are 3 packages:

  • Basic for $6.95 and 30GB
  • Pro for $9.95 and 100GB
  • Master for 19.95 and 1TB 

There are no monthly limits on any of the premium packages, and you can always delete any old content to clean room for the new.

Bonuses for invitations and activities

If you wish to get more free storage, you may do so by following some activities we offer, or having your friends join.

To see all bonus options go to Get Space and give it a go :)

*note - we do not commit to the bonuses staying as they are, and we are likely to change the bonus system in the future.



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